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Corporate/LLC Services


Durrell Law Group offers a comprehensive array of business planning services - including the organization of new business entities. We assist our clients in selecting the best type of business entity for their situation. We also draft the organization documents and make the filings necessary to establish and maintain Alaska business entities. Our area of expertise includes the organization of corporations (including S corporations), limited liability companies, and partnerships (general and limited).

Selecting the Right Business Entity

Deciding upon the best form of legal entity is the first step in organizing a new business. You may want to call our office to schedule a meeting to discuss with one of our attorneys the factors to be considered in making the decision. You also may select the following link to learn more about the different types of business entities that can be organized in Alaska:

Organizing the Information

Organizing the key information and making several fundamental decisions about the structure of the new business entity is the next step in organizing an Alaska business. To assist you in organizing the information and making the decisions, we provide the following information organizers for your use. The organizers provide an outline of the information needed and ask several questions that will get you thinking about the decisions you must make during the establishment of your new Alaska business entity.

To download and print one of our organizers (in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format), select from the following links:

Creating the Business Entity

After you have selected the best type of entity for your new business, and have completed the organizer, our firm will draft the documents and make the filings necessary to organize the new business entity. We work closely with you throughout the process to be certain that all organizational issues have been addressed and that your new Alaska business is properly and completely organized.

Maintaining the Business Entity

We have seen many instances where business entities have been organized, only to be dissolved by the State for failure to maintain the business. DLG Services, Inc., an affiliate of Durrell Law Group, P.C., offers a maintenance program under which DLG Services, Inc. serves as registered agent and maintains your business entity in compliance with state law. To learn more about the maintenance program, select the following link:

Company Maintenance Portal

If you currently have an active Maintenance program agreement with DLG Services, Inc. and would like to access the online Company Maintenance Web Portal, please select the following link:

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1400 West Benson Blvd., Suite 370
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
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