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For Estate Planning Clients whose original documents are held in our vault.
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Instructions for Handling of Purged Original Documents
How would you like us to handle the original documents to be removed from the vault (listed in the email)?

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Please send me the purged documents
Please shred the purged documents

Instructions for Handling of Original Estate Planning Documents
Select One
Please continue to hold my original estate planning documents in your vault.
Thanks, but I no longer desire for you to hold our original documents. Please send them to me at the address reflected above.
The original documents in your vault have been revoked. I direct that you shred them.
Please contact me to discuss what documents are being held in your vault.
Please contact me to schedule an appointment to review and possibly update my estate plan.

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1400 West Benson Blvd., Suite 370
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
907 258.3224 Main 
907 258.3229 Fax   

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